HRFS Staff:

HRFS operates with a permanent staff of six professionals. Additional staff are hired as
needed during the busier summer months. The following are brief descriptions about
each staff member, including his or her duties and years of experience.

Brandon C. Hulst, President and CEO Business with a concentration in Finance from CSU Stanislaus. Holding
numerous certificates related to agriculture and research. With 9 years of field trial
experience, many years working on the research station, and his background in
business management, Brandon is well suited to take over his Father's position as
Present and CEO.  

Daniel L. Galt, Director of Research.  
Ph.D. in agricultural economics/plant breeding from Cornell University.  Acts as study
director for GLP residue studies, study manager for efficacy studies, and field
investigator for GLP and efficacy trials. 2
5 years of field trial experience in the U.S., 16
of which were with HRFS,
with work in six foreign countries.

Danny R. Hicks, Head of Efficacy Unit.
AA Degree in entomology from Bakersfield Junior College.  Coordinates all efficacy
work and is the principal efficacy field investigator.
42 years of efficacy trial experience
(22 years at Shell Agricultural Chemicals and
20 years at HRFS).

Patricia H. Galt, Research Assistant and QAU Coordinator.
Assists all field investigators with field applications and trial managers with field trial
notebook assembly, completion and submission.  8 years of field trial experience.

Andrew Gibson, Administrative Assistant.
Provides computer assistance for development of all in-house protocols, efficacy and
GLP reports.
Currently has 1 year of experience with HRFS.

Roberto Valdovinos, Farm Foreman.
Responsibilities include most cultural practices on all on-site annual and perennial
 8 years experience in current position, plus more than 20 additional years of
working in agricultural crops in Mexico and the U.S.